10+ Best WordPress Form Plugins for WP Developers

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Are you looking for a way to create, manage, and track forms on your WordPress website? Do you want to know which plugins can help you build custom forms, collect information from users, and even automate your form submissions? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with insights into the top WordPress form plugins to help you take your website’s user experience to the next level.

WordPress form plugins are powerful tools that allow you to create and manage forms directly from your website. These plugins are designed to help you build custom forms, track submissions, and even automate your form responses.

They can do a lot of things! WordPress form plugins can help you create lead forms, contact forms, feedback forms, and even surveys. With the right plugins, you can take full control of your form submissions, track user behavior, and even integrate your forms with third-party services.

This blog post is aimed at WordPress website owners, bloggers, and anyone looking to create custom forms and improve their user experience. We’ll cover the top features to look for in WordPress form plugins, as well as provide you with a video overview of how to install and configure them. Additionally, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about these plugins, so you can make an informed decision about which ones are right for your website needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Video Guide
  2. Features
  3. Links
  4. FAQs

1) The Essentials Video Guide: {acf_video_title}



2) Key Features: Form Plugins for WordPress

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that allows us to build beautiful, professional, responsive Web forms that collect valuable contact information from your site visitors. Gravity Forms has full suite of add ons that we can customise and develop to your specific needs.

  1. CRM Integration: Gravity Forms integrates with CRM software like Agile CRM, Salesforce CRM, SugarCRM, Pipedrive and Zoho CRM,. It enables you to include detailed customer information like company name, address, contact name and phone number on your forms. We can customise the forms for your specific business needs.
  2. Currency Converter: We can create a currency converter form with Gravity form with multiple country and currency selection, country flags and currency values. You can see real-time currency conversion from a live exchange rate API. We can develop forms to your specific needs for your WordPress website.
  3. Lead Generation Form: Lead Generation Forms can be a powerful tool for your business. We can create a variety of lead generation forms for your WordPress website with multiple design options. These forms can be tailored to your specific needs including integrating with a CRM, Newsletter and SEO & PPC campaigns with tracking.
  4. Job Application Form: Gravity forms is ideal for creating job application forms. These can integrate with Bullhorn, the industries leading recruitment software along with Linkedin CV submission. This is an ideal solution for recruitment agencies with options to develop the forms to your specific requirements.
  5. Instant Online Quote: Allow your website visitors to receive an instant online quote for your products and services. The quotation can work out a price based on factors such as the user's location, age and buying preferences.
  6. Spam Filtering: The Gravity Forms Spam Filtering Extension adds the most advanced spam filtering available anywhere to your forms. Combining the power of the Akismet spam identification plugin with Gravity Forms, we can create forms that are immune to spam submissions, while ensuring that real submissions are never lost.

4) Experts FAQs: Using Forms for Data Collection with WordPress

Are you confused about WordPress form plugins? Our WordPress development team understands that choosing the right form plugin can be overwhelming. That’s why we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you need a simple contact form or a complex registration form, our team can help you choose the right plugin for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our WordPress development services and how we can help you streamline your website’s forms for improved user experience.

What types of forms can I create with Gravity Forms?

You can create a wide range of forms, including contact forms, payment forms, application forms, order forms, and more, to meet your specific needs.

Can I integrate Gravity Forms with third-party services and applications?

Yes, Gravity Forms provides integrations with various third-party services, including email marketing platforms, payment gateways, CRM systems, and more, to enhance its functionality.

Can the plugin be integrated with a CRM?

WordPress form plugins such as Gravity forms can integrate with a variety of CRM systems to make’s it easy to manage your business. This plugin automatically saves information entered by customer into a CRM system in real-time. The plugin will create a new lead each time a form is submitted on the WordPress website. When you need to follow up with a customer, you can view all their details within the CRM system to contact clients and make notes on meetings.

Can Gravity Forms be styled to match a website?

A key component to website design is bringing together all the elements such as fonts, headers, images, etc. to create an overall aesthetic that fits your brand. Our WordPress developers can customise your form to match your website.

Is Gravity Forms suitable for e-commerce websites?

The plugin is commonly used on e-commerce websites to create order forms, product configurators, and subscription forms, streamlining the purchasing process for customers.

Can I take payments with form plugins for WordPress?

The Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On allows you to quickly and easily accept credit card payments on your WordPress site through Stripe. In addition to the ability to capture one-time payments, you can also create and manage subscriptions for periodic charges.

Can I set up conditional logic in my forms with Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms allows you to implement conditional logic, enabling you to show or hide form fields and sections based on user responses, creating dynamic and personalized forms.

How can I access submissions and user data collected through my forms?

Gravity Forms provides a submissions dashboard where you can view, export, and manage form entries and user data easily.

5) Our Services: Forms Setup with Our Professional WordPress Services in London & Kent

Our experienced team of WordPress developers can seamlessly integrate this powerful plugin into your website, allowing you to capture, manage, and utilise user data efficiently. From contact forms and surveys to advanced applications and payment forms, our development services empower you to streamline user interactions and gather valuable insights. Whether you’re looking to boost lead generation, enhance user engagement, or improve data collection, our Gravity Forms Plugin development services are the key to creating dynamic and user-friendly forms that elevate your online presence.


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