10+ Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins for WP Developers

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Are you looking to monetize your WordPress website by promoting products and earning a commission? Do you want to know which plugins can help you manage your affiliate links and track your earnings? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with insights into the top WordPress affiliate plugins to help you boost your revenue.

WordPress affiliate plugins allow you to promote products on your website and earn a commission on sales made through your unique affiliate link. These plugins are designed to help you manage your affiliate links, track your earnings, and even automate the process of promoting products on your website. They can do a lot of things!

WordPress affiliate plugins can help you monetise your website by promoting products that align with your content and audience. These plugins can also help you track your earnings, manage your affiliate links, and provide your users with a seamless experience when they click on your affiliate links.

This blog post is aimed at WordPress website owners, bloggers, and anyone looking to monetise their website through affiliate marketing. We’ll cover the top features to look for in WordPress affiliate plugins, as well as provide you with a video overview of how to install and configure them. Additionally, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about these plugins, so you can make an informed decision about which ones are right for your website.

Table of Contents

  1. Video Guide
  2. Features
  3. Links
  4. FAQs

1) The Essentials Video Guide: {acf_video_title}



2) Key Features: Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to choosing a WordPress affiliate plugin, it’s important to consider the features and benefits that will help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common features to look for when selecting a WordPress affiliate plugin.

Each feature is accompanied by a description of the benefits it provides, so you can easily understand why it’s important to consider. By focusing on these key features and their benefits, you can choose the best WordPress affiliate plugin to help you earn money through affiliate marketing.

  1. Affiliate Tracking: AffiliateWP is and advanced WordPress affiliate solution providing a system to track and analyse your affiliate marketing campaigns. With analytics and full control over your affiliates, AffiliateWP provides the tools to succeed with affiliate marketing.
  2. Manage Your Affiliates: Manage your team of affiliates from one place. View the top-earning affiliates, edit affiliate accounts and add tracking code on their websites or emails. Set per-affiliates referral rates, link multiple campaigns and more.
  3. Paying Your Affiliates: Paying your affiliates directly to their bank accounts is simple, affordable, and supported in more than 30 countries. Learn more about the easiest way to manage your affiliate program at Sales Manager in our help center.
  4. Real-Time Reports & Graphs: Get an overview of your affiliates’ performance in real-time with detailed referral data and graphs. Get to know what content is performing well, which affiliates are converting most traffic, and how each affiliate performs across multiple products and geographies.
  5. Affiliates Dashboard: Affiliates can view earnings, see their performance statistics, and access creatives. A built-in affiliate program dashboard that blends seamlessly with any WordPress theme: Affiliates can quickly access key stats and inventory to see where they're doing well or falling behind.
  6. Affiliate Coupon Tracking: Connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts with affiliate coupon tracking. This allows you to assign a unique identifier that can be captured by the affiliate in campaign link URLs to track which affiliate links referred customers and the associated coupons.

3) Explore Further: 10+ Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins in 2024

If you’re looking to monetize your WordPress site with affiliate marketing, there are a wide variety of WordPress affiliate plugins to choose from. To help you find the best one for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of 10+ of the best WordPress affiliate plugins available. These plugins include popular options like ThirstyAffiliates, AffiliateWP, and EasyAzon, as well as lesser-known plugins like Pretty Links and Amazon Link Engine.

Each plugin has its own unique features, pros and cons, and pricing structure. Some are designed specifically for certain types of affiliates, like Amazon affiliates or WooCommerce users, while others offer more general functionality. Prices range from free to around $100, depending on the features you need. With so many great options available, it’s easier than ever to start earning money with your WordPress site through affiliate marketing.

a) AffiliateWP

a) AffiliateWP

The WPAffiliate plugin is an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes looking to set up or enhance their affiliate marketing efforts. It’s particularly ideal for WordPress site owners seeking a reliable, easy-to-use affiliate management solution that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. With its blend of functionality and simplicity, the plugin is a strong contender in the affiliate marketing arena.

Key Features:

  • Affiliate Management: A comprehensive affiliate management system allowing smooth monitoring and control of your affiliate activities.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Accurate tracking of clicks, sales, and commissions in real-time for a transparent performance overview.
  • Ease of Payout: Streamlined payout processes to ensure your affiliates receive their earned commissions timely.
  • Link Protection: Smart link cloaking to protect your affiliate links from potential theft.
  • The plugin’s pricing starts at a competitive rate, providing access to these robust features and more.


  • Comprehensive Functionality: With its various features, the plugin offers an all-round solution for managing an affiliate program.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  • Prompt Support: The plugin’s support team is known for its responsiveness and assistance.


  • Limited Customizability: While the plugin offers significant functionality, it may not provide extensive customization options for more specific needs.
  • No Free Trial: There’s no opportunity to test the software before purchase, which could be a hindrance for some potential users.

4) Experts FAQs: Creating Affiliate Programs with WordPress

Are you interested in monetizing your WordPress website? Our WordPress development team can help you choose the right affiliate plugin for your business needs. Whether you want to promote products or services and earn commissions, our team can help you set up and optimize your affiliate program.

We understand that affiliate marketing is a powerful way to generate passive income, and we are here to help you leverage the power of affiliate plugins. Contact us today to learn more about our WordPress development services and how we can help you maximize your website’s earning potential through affiliate marketing.

Is there a way to track affiliate referrals and earnings in real-time?

AffiliateWP offers real-time reporting, allowing you to monitor affiliate referrals, clicks, and earnings as they happen, providing valuable insights into your affiliate program’s performance.

Is there a limit to the number of affiliates I can have in AffiliateWP?

AffiliateWP does not impose a specific limit on the number of affiliates you can have in your program. However, server resources and hosting infrastructure can impact performance as your affiliate network grows.

How long does the tracking cookie stay in the users web browser?

When a user clicks on the affiliate’s link and then makes a purchase, the cookie is added to their browser. If they return within the affiliate expiration date (which is 1 day by default), they will also be tracked as an affiliate sale. As soon as they clear their cookies, they will be tracked again as long as they visit your website during the length of their tracking period.

Can I integrate AffiliateWP with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce?

AffiliateWP seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, making it an excellent choice for managing affiliate programs for online stores.

Does AffiliateWP support various payment methods for affiliates?

AffiliateWP supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal, bank transfers, and other custom payment options, allowing you to compensate affiliates conveniently.

If a person clicks on 2 different affiliate links from 2 different affiliates, which one is saved?

If a visitor clicks on two different affiliate links from two different affiliates, only the last affiliate link that they clicked will have any cookies set by it. For example, if you have an affiliate link on your website that goes to Amazon and another affiliate link that goes to Target, then if someone visits the Amazon website first and clicks on your Amazon link and then later (or even weeks later) visits Target and clicks on any of their affiliate links but not yours, then when they visit a page in your website that contains an Amazon affiliate link, they will be counted as having been referred by Amazon.

Can I set up different commission structures for different affiliates or products?

AffiliateWP allows you to create flexible commission structures. You can set different commission rates for specific affiliates, products, or product categories, tailoring your program to meet your needs.

5) Our Services: Affiliate Plugin Setup for WordPress in London & Kent

Our team of experienced WordPress developers specialise in crafting customised solutions using the AffiliateWP and other WordPress plugins. We have experts who can assist you in building and optimising your affiliate program.

We understand the unique requirements of the UK market, and we ensure that your affiliate program integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site. Our AffiliateWP development services cover everything from commission tracking to affiliate management, and are designed to enhance your affiliate marketing success while driving business growth in the UK market.


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