WordPress has introduced a domain plan that spans 100 years.

Concerned about the potential loss of your domain name? WordPress is offering a remarkable 100-year package to address this concern.

Traditionally, domain registrations are limited to a maximum of 10 years. However, WordPress is introducing a novel plan where they will handle the registration and hosting of your website for an entire century. This duration is likely to extend beyond your lifetime, the lifetimes of the WordPress executives who conceived this concept, and even the potential longevity of the company itself.

The underlying concept is to cater to businesses and families seeking to safeguard their content for more than just one generation.

The plan offers customers more than just a century-long domain registration; it includes hosting via WordPress with unrestricted bandwidth and round-the-clock personalized customer support. WordPress has implemented a system where content is safeguarded through numerous backups stored across distributed data centers. Furthermore, if your content is publicly accessible, the platform will automatically submit your website to the Internet Archive.

To address the eventuality of changing ownership within the scope of a 100-year plan, WordPress has established ownership protocols. This allows for the seamless transfer of URL ownership to a new individual or a succeeding generation.

However, this extensive plan comes with a substantial cost. Priced at $38,000 or $380 per year, it might be beyond the financial reach of many families and individuals. If you’re intrigued by the offering, you can complete the form available on WordPress’ official website.