Prince Arthur Pub, Euston

80-82 Eversholt St , London NW1 1BX

Prince Arthur Pub

About Prince Arthur Pub



To walk from Euston Tube Station to The Prince Arthur pub, follow these steps:

  1. Exit Euston Tube Station:
    • Leave Euston Station via the main entrance, which faces Euston Road.
  2. Head West on Euston Road:
    • Turn left onto Euston Road and walk west. You will pass the Wellcome Collection museum on your left.
  3. Turn Right onto Hampstead Road:
    • Continue walking until you reach the intersection with Hampstead Road. Turn right onto Hampstead Road.
  4. Continue on Hampstead Road:
    • Walk north on Hampstead Road for a short distance.
  5. Turn Left onto Drummond Street:
    • Take the first left onto Drummond Street. This is a smaller street, known for its variety of Indian restaurants.
  6. Walk along Drummond Street:
    • Continue walking along Drummond Street. You will pass several shops and eateries.
  7. Arrive at The Prince Arthur:
    • The Prince Arthur pub is located at 80-82 Eversholt Street. Drummond Street intersects with Eversholt Street, and the pub should be visible as you approach the intersection.

In summary:

  • Exit Euston Station onto Euston Road.
  • Turn right onto Hampstead Road.
  • Turn left onto Drummond Street.
  • Continue to Eversholt Street, where you will find The Prince Arthur.

The walk is approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on your pace.

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